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Tips to present your home

In general terms the home or property needs to be clean and free of clutter. This shows the buyer what you have to sell in the best possible light. Try to organise a garage sale before your property comes onto the market so when it is first listed it is ready for inspections. Newly-listed properties attract the most attention, so it is important to make your mark from the start. Following are a few simple pointers to prepare your home for sale.


Stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless, all work spaces to be clean and uncluttered, consider updating tap ware and handles


Neat, spotless and fresh: repair any broken tiles, reseal around basin and bath if necessary and replace leaking washers, again new tap ware and handles are a cheap fix

Closets and cupboards

Have a good clean out: untidy or overly crowded storage spaces suggest inadequate storage room

Children and pets

Can distract buyers from thinking positively: keep them secluded or out of the house if possible

Front of house

Paint, fix, wash or oil steps and balcony: the same for the front door, windows and screens


Remove clutter, mow lawn, edge paths, weed garden, trim hedges, mulch


Clean gutters, paint, fix, or wash side and back doors and windows


Remove clutter, straighten up, paint, wash and fix


Replace leaky washers and toilets


Replace faulty switches and burnt out globes, new light fittings add appeal

Halls and stairs

Remove clutter to give a wide appeal


Lubricate hinges, tighten doorknobs and taps


Dust, wash, paint and fix

Heating and Cooling

If you have either and the weather permits, light a fire for your inspections to give that homely feel: brew up a cup of coffee or bake a loaf of bread for that homely aroma, or light some incense.

The above suggestions are for your consideration. They are there to help maximise your returns. If you don’t have the time or facilities to do any or all, your property is still very marketable by Yass Valley Property.

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